Kennedy Assassination Tapes

Yesterday I was watching the assassination tapes of John F. Kennedy. Much of it has been televised numerous times over the years, but there were some that I had never seen before. Most of the tapes were in black and white. Reporters were often unprepared and without a script. They, along with Law Enforcement Officials and Secret Service Agents, sounded simple, confused at times, even to the point of fumbling their words. The death of this very beloved president brought America together like a close knit family. Even TV reporters are not emotionally immune. Many of us still can remember Walter Cronkite holding back tears, removing his glasses to pause a second as if unable to continue. These tapes captured the genuine grief of a nation hit by a senseless tragedy. On the day Kennedy was shot and long after he was whisked away to Parkland hospital, many of the witnesses remained frozen in place. The shock and disbelief kept them there, especially near the Texas School Book Depository. As if by staying there they could undo the tragic events and somehow the motorcade would appear just around the corner with the President, Mrs. Kennedy, Governor John Connolly and his wife, all smiling and waving. No one wanted to go home or even back to work. For them it was the end of the world. A news reporter on the scene merged into the crowd to interview these shell-shocked people. The first one was a well dressed woman standing with two children.
 Reporter: “What is your name?
Woman: ” Mrs. Quincey Adams.
The reporter doesn’t seem to bat an eyelid or skip a beat when hears this famous name. You can’t help but wonder if it’s a pseudonym. Continue reading “Kennedy Assassination Tapes”

Baptism For The Dead?

“Have you heard the latest?” a woman asked her companion. “A Jewish holocaust survivor is asking Mitt Romney to tell his church to stop baptizing dead Jews.”

 “Yeah, I just read it in the Yahoo Headlines” the man said. “My ex-wife used to be Mormon and she said posthumous baptism is a doctrine of that church.

 “Do you think Mitt will do it?

 “Are you kidding! Mitt’s father IS the church!” Continue reading “Baptism For The Dead?”