Hypothetical Letter To Mitt Romney

Dear Mr, Romney,
As a registered voter, I need to be well informed and educated before I can make an intelligent choice. So I need to ask you about some very serious concerns that I have. You claim to be a Christian, yet you have failed to tell the American people about your religion. Mormonism teaches that there is more than one God which makes you polytheistic. In fact, your church believes there are zillions of gods on other planets and that through good deeds and obedience, you too may become a god in the next life and your wife could be a goddess who will spend eternity making spirit babies on a planet which you will rule. This is science fiction, Mr. Romney. Continue reading

Finding The Right Woman

Finding a good woman has been like searching for a pin in the home of a hoarder. Add an attractive woman to that. I have always preferred the “fleshy” type. Don’t ask me why. Maybe I got it from my dad who married my mom because she was plump, as well as short and gorgeous. I just could never go for the Barbie doll figure. Nothing there to wrap my arms around. When I try to, it feels like I’m gonna break something, so I end up just giving a pat on the back.  Continue reading

Westboro Baptist And Radical Groups

When the Westboro Baptist Church wanted to burn the Qur’an, I thought nothing of it until I discovered their true motives. They were fueled by hate. This group has extreme, cult-like views. They are neither God’s mouthpiece nor representatives of Christianity, but a bunch of radicals. Nor do they resemble any Baptist denomination. They picket at the funerals of homosexuals and others they deem were sinners,  forgetting what Jesus said: that he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. This sitting in the judgment seat is like the Pharisee of Jesus’ day;  Self righteousness and holier-than-thou. Radical groups, like Westboro often claim that their actions are based on a love for God and they use His name to justify their actions. This is similar to those Southern Christians who supported slavery. Many owned slaves and treated them atrociously, then went to church on Sundays acting all pious and religious as if they did no wrong. Or perhaps thought that by merely attending for worship this would absolve them of their sins. I’m reminded of men like Arthur Shawcross who was a serial killer. His target was prostitutes and he claimed that God wanted him to do this in order to rid the world of such filth and sinfulness. Continue reading


After that night of  Euchre at Jody’s, she stopped playing matchmaker, claiming she didn’t have anymore single women friends. Nor did I know of anyone to fix her up with. I could have chosen my atheist buddy, John, but he preferred them younger and more curvaceous. One Saturday Jody called me, inviting me to a shindig that evening at the VFW. They were having a live Country and Western Band and a chicken dinner. The place was packed when we got there. We ended up sharing a table in the back with another couple and their young daughter. Jody was wearing the same denim overalls and straw hat that she wore on our first date. The music was good, although we could barely see the band. The food was even better with fried chicken, coleslaw, baked potato, a roll and apple pie. Jody was right at home here, mingling with the crowd and having a high ole time. Continue reading

Annalise and Marsha

I left off my journal at the point where Jody had hooked me up with her friend Annalise. I was given the directions to her home, which was some 20 miles away and it was arranged that I would take her out to a restaurant. Annalise lived in a trailer with her son and had been divorced a for a number of years. I was told only that she had some issue with her health, was very nice and personable. I did not know her age or anything else about her. After getting lost a couple of times, I finally found the trailer park. Her son answered the door  looking very unhappy and said that Annalise was in another room. A few minutes later when she came out to greet me, I wasn’t sure how to respond. She was nothing at all what I was looking for in a woman. Like Jody, Annalise was much older than me and extremely plain. Her health problem turned out to be something quite  serious because her body was slightly twisted and she walked with a cane. Continue reading

Book Burnings

I’m not sure how I feel about  burning books. Heaping them on a bonfire and tossing a match to them infringes on our freedom to read and write whatever we want.  Burning books like the Qur’an, Book of Mormon, The Jehovah’s Witnesses, New World Translation, infringes on freedom of religion. Yet these books are very different from all other controversial book because they claim to be of God. Is it blasphemy to make such  claims? I used to feel it was the right thing to burn these types of books. Yet one’s views changes as one gets older. I don’t know where I stand on the issue today, but I have an immense dislike and even abhorrence of books that replace the God inspired Holy Scriptures. As a Christian, I have to wonder how God feels about them. Anger? Grief? Tolerance… for now? Like He put up with polygamy in the Old Testament? Continue reading

Woman’s Natural Adornments

I recently watched a program about Islam on the National Geographic channel. It talked about how Muslims live by the Qur’an, yet different people interpret its contents differently. One man described it as being like a big supermarket where there are many choices whereas we buy only the ones we want and live by it. Islamic women did not wear garments that cover everything but their eyes and hands,( although sometimes the whole face is exposed) until the 1970’s. This was when Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt, died and things began to change drastically. Films and photos taken during his funeral shows not one single female wearing a Chador, Burqa or Hijab. Continue reading