My Mother’s Salvation

Two years after I was laid off from my Caretaker job, the doctor for whom I was working, passed away. He was Jewish and never knew Jesus Christ. It has been very difficult seeing so many people I know die without having passed from death to life by believing in God the Son and trusting in Him alone for their eternal salvation. I have prayed silently over the years for those I loved and even those I could not love. I  anonymously mail gospel tracts to those who will not hear of Jesus or ever step foot in a church. Coming from a long line of Roman Catholics, many of my own people have put their trust in the pope and the church to save them.

A few years before my mother died I had a private talk with her about this. She spent her whole life attending Mass and never really understood why except that it was expected of her. It was what her parents did and their parents before them.  She hadn’t accepted Christ as her personal Savior and wasn’t ready to hear it. It was not the teaching of her church. Being born-again was a foreign concept and not ever spoken in any priest’s homily (sermon).  Her  church seemed so holy  with it’s stained glass windows, statues, saints, candles and holy water fonts. But this was all religion and rituals. Rosary beads, chantings, praying to Mary as if she were the Intercessor. Trusting in tradition and the church Magesterium, rather than the Word of God. I spent my childhood going to our little village Catholic church. It was one of three churches. No one ever had a Bible, ever read from it. The priest had a heavy, thick book which was partially written in Latin. Whatever it was, it wasn’t the inspired Word of God. I never memorized Bible verses, or heard stories about David and Goliath, Daniel in the lions den, Joseph who wore a coat of many colors. I was never told that salvation is a free gift. That Jesus bore my sins on the cross. That Jesus suffered in his body the punishment I deserved. That forgiveness is only possible because of the sacrifice of Christ at Calvary. 

My mother knew nothing about such things and I had to turn her over to the Holy Spirit. Shortly before she passed away, I had another conversation with her about her eternal destiny. This time the truth caught hold and her spiritual eyes were opened. She accepted Jesus immediately and was now a child of God.

The Bible says that the moment a person gets saved, the angels in heaven rejoice. What a party they must have had that day!


One thought on “My Mother’s Salvation

  1. laurie fisher says:

    It is never too late! God is always waiting for us to let him be gracious to us!

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