Oh Tender Elf

I used to like John Bradshaw. Years ago I would listen to him on PBS and thought he was great. I didn’t care what his beliefs were, he sounded real good. The way he explained what had happened to all of us as we grew up. I got goosebumps whenever he would say things like:  “I am flawed and defective as a human being. I am a mistake.  No one could love me as I am. I need something outside to be whole and OK.” Continue reading

Preachers And Androids

I was watching a man preach on TV this morning. He was reading the Scriptures from his Android. What happened to his Holy Bible? Why has he tossed it aside during church on Sunday? It was good enough for Christians for  thousands of years. To me, there’s just no comparison to flipping the pages of an aged worn Bible and looking at the highlighted verses and notes in the margins. There’s just something about holding the “Good Book” in your hands. I can hear people saying: “So what? What’s wrong with using a tablet? We are living in the information age. The age of advance technology.” Continue reading

Healing Your Inner Child

I remember watching John Bradshaw speak on PBS one Saturday afternoon back in 1993. Self-help gurus and books had been extremely popular for more than a decade. My mother had just passed away after having triple by-pass surgery and I had taken a lengthy leave of absence from my job. Bradshaw was talking about healing our wounded inner child. How 96% of families are dysfunctional. (he actually said 96. Not 95 or 97) And how it’s sometime necessary when we become adults to nurture and embrace the child we once were. To validate that little boy or girl because so often we had no one validating us when we were children. He told the people in the audience to close their eyes and imagine themselves when they were very young. Continue reading

Dr. Phil And T.D. Jakes

I just watched Dr. Phil on T.D. Jakes. Now in case you have never heard of T.D. Jakes, He’s a televangelist of the Oneness Pentecostal faith. He does not believe in the Trinity which is a central doctrine of Christianity. I don’t know what faith Dr. Phil adheres to, or even if he goes to church, You can google Dr. Phil. Type in what church he attends, or what faith does he belong to. You won’t get a clear answer. Continue reading

Joyce Meyer’s Brother

I was just watching another episode of Joyce Meyer’s, “Enjoying Everyday Life.”  I have to admit it was one of her best sermons. She spent the entire 30 minutes talking about her Brother, David. He was 10 years younger and her only sibling. They were both abused in different ways by their alcoholic father. Joyce’s abuse was devastating and mostly sexual in nature. Their mother had a emotional breakdown when David was 14 and she spent a long time in the hospital.The father worked nights and David was left to fend for himself where he got into drugs and the wrong crowd. He joined the marines at age 17 and was in Vietnam. His Sergeant introduced him to more drugs to help them cope with the horrors of war. David eventually got married and had a son. Then he divorced his wife and ran away.  Continue reading

My Days As a Stock Boy

I remember years ago when I worked as a stock boy in a large chain grocery store that carries more than just food. My job consisted of spending a lot of time in the back room loading and unloading pallets of food and stocking the shelves. I got to know the rear of the store like the back of my hand. But the merchandise in the front, like greeting cards and deodorants were still somewhat of a mystery. Shoppers would often ask me to locate items that I never stocked, It was a real hassle to search around for them or go to the back room and ask one of the workers. After a few weeks I recognized all the troublemakers, those who were too lazy to look for themselves. What most people do not know is that stockers have to hustle. It is frowned upon if we stand around chatting or spend time doing the shopping for people. Continue reading

Joyce Meyer

I like to watch Joyce Meyer. She’s funny, sassy and gets into trouble with her mouth. She’s the Erma Bombeck of Christianity. Years ago when she was a new Christian and had just started a Bible study in her home, she held the Bible in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She read aloud verses while blowing smoke in everyone’s eyes.  I thought to myself: “That’s the most real Christian I know.” No phoniness or pretenses. I mean look at the Pharisees in Jesus’ day, they would moan and pray loudly in the square for others to see, mimicking a sense of holiness and piety. Jesus yelled at them and said they were beautiful looking whitewashed tombs on the outside, but on the inside were full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean. Continue reading