Joyce Meyer

I like to watch Joyce Meyer. She’s funny, sassy and gets into trouble with her mouth. She’s the Erma Bombeck of Christianity. Years ago when she was a new Christian and had just started a Bible study in her home, she held the Bible in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She read aloud verses while blowing smoke in everyone’s eyes.  I thought to myself: “That’s the most real Christian I know.” No phoniness or pretenses. I mean look at the Pharisees in Jesus’ day, they would moan and pray loudly in the square for others to see, mimicking a sense of holiness and piety. Jesus yelled at them and said they were beautiful looking whitewashed tombs on the outside, but on the inside were full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean.


Joyce just seemed so different from those hypocritical televangelists. Those double-minded, double speaking “preachers” in those double breasted suits and shiny black shoes that never have a single strand of hair out of place. Constantly screaming about health and wealth, name it and claim it, God wants you to be rich! They teach that if you are poor its because you’re a sinner. Gee, I didn’t know God loves only millionaires! Look at the down and out folks Jesus hung out with: lepers, prostitutes and tax collectors.  But Joyce claims she isn’t a sinner. Wow, how did she ever achieve that? The beloved Apostle John said that if we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves. I am a born again Christian, but I still sin daily. I’m not perfect, but I’m forgiven thanks to Jesus Christ and his Sacrifice on the Cross. I am redeemed, bought and paid for, but I still lust in my heart, covet and wish I had some of my neighbor’s goods. Joyce admits she’s far from perfect and her big mouth needs saving on a daily basis. But she doesn’t call herself a sinner. She says she stopped sinning when she got it through her thick skull that she wasn’t a sinner anymore! The apostle Paul said he was the chiefest of sinners. look at the  mistakes Peter made. He denied that he even knew Jesus, now that was a biggie. Lying is a sin and he lied thrice. Peter wasn’t even being tortured. He wasn’t at police headwaters sitting under bright lights and enduring a brutal interrogation. He was a sinner just like Paul.


 I don’t agree with everything Joyce teaches nor with some of her interpretations of the Scriptures. For example, she believes that when Jesus died, he went to hell and deposited humanity’s sins there. That Christ had to dump our sins somewhere because the Atonement on the Cross wasn’t enough. I recall Jesus’ last words were: “It is finished!”  When I read my Bible it says that our sins were laid on Christ’s body. I have gotten banned from christian forums for denouncing this false teaching that Joyce expouses. Ouch.


Does this make Joyce a false teacher? I believe we all misunderstand certain scriptures which is why we should be ever learning with minds that are open. Although Joyce says she’s a bible teacher, she actually preaches the gospel. The Apostle Paul said  women are to learn in silence with all subjection. They are not to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man.  Its perfectly okay for women to have other duties in the church. To teach other women. But men enjoy Joyce so much that they are willing to pay the $65 it costs to attend some of her conferences. (I think they go for the stand up comedy)  Joyce has gotten rich through these conferences, seminars and the sale of her books and tapes. It seems she has a book out every month! Not to mention CDs and DVDs. I once emailed a tv preacher about my objection to his making a lot of money in the name of God. I told him I was poor, hungry to learn more about Jesus, but couldn’t afford his books and tapes. Could he find it in his heart as a Christian to send me some for free? I never got a response. Bibles should be free. The word of God is not FOR SALE! Yet, these TV preachers sell study bibles all the time. They bind them up in beautiful leather and for only a $100 love offering, its yours. Gee, how thoughtful.


When I look at Joyce Meyer, I’m reminded of what the Bible says about how God uses the simple things to confound the so-called wise.


2 thoughts on “Joyce Meyer

  1. Alyx says:

    What $65 ticket to her conferences? (You say the men come for the standup comedy – true.. she is an entertaining teacher.. probably comes with the anointing!)

    As far as I know, she has never ever charged a dime to attend any of her events – so I guess you’ve never been to one??

    And as for getting money from her book & DVD sales (which I believe is pretty much the only income she earns these days), you don’t expect any author to give their products away for free, do you? Her books sell for comparable prices to any others at Chapters, Indigo, Amazon etc; and sometimes you can get them for a donation of ANY amount when watching her show. So if you got no consideration from some other televangelist re: your financial straits, don’t dump on Joyce!!

    So when you say she’s gotten rich through these conferences, seminars & sale of tapes & DVDs

    • Alyx says:

      Sorry.. I’m doing this on my phone – it’s hard to edit cuz the screen only shows a few lines at a time 😕
      That last line (“So when you say..”) was replaced by the previous paragraph, and was supposed to have been deleted!

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