Joyce Meyer’s Brother

I was just watching another episode of Joyce Meyer’s, “Enjoying Everyday Life.”  I have to admit it was one of her best sermons. She spent the entire 30 minutes talking about her Brother, David. He was 10 years younger and her only sibling. They were both abused in different ways by their alcoholic father. Joyce’s abuse was devastating and mostly sexual in nature. Their mother had a emotional breakdown when David was 14 and she spent a long time in the hospital.The father worked nights and David was left to fend for himself where he got into drugs and the wrong crowd. He joined the marines at age 17 and was in Vietnam. His Sergeant introduced him to more drugs to help them cope with the horrors of war. David eventually got married and had a son. Then he divorced his wife and ran away. 


  He never paid a cent in child support, spent the rest of his life running away and bed hopping. After years of this downward spiral, he calls Joyce out of the blue and says he wants to come home. So he moves in with Joyce, her husband and their kids and  gets a job at her ministry. He’s tall, good looking with a full head of light brown hair and a mustache. He is seen in photographs standing along side  Joyce’s husband, praying and praising the Lord along with a large crowd. He was now a born again Christian and filled with the Holy Spirit. For the next four years  Joyce tells him to do his laundry and clean up his room, even though the man is in his 40’s. Like any family member that overstays their welcome, he began to stink. Doing nothing but taking up space. Joyce decides it time to show him some tough love. She sets him up in his own apartment, buys him clothes and a new car. Before long a woman moves in with him and he’s back to living in sin. For years he had jobs working under the table where he got paid entirely in cash. He wasn’t in the Social Security system and the government couldn’t  garnish his wages. When he began working for Joyce, the government tracked him down for back child support. He owed $60,000. He hired a lawyer who somehow managed to knock it down to a mere $27,000. But still David wouldn’t pay. Instead, he ran away again. This time with girlfriend in tow and eventually loses touch with reality and goes insane. For 10 years Joyce hears only bits and pieces about him mostly from the girlfriend who keeps calling asking for Joyce to set up a bank account for her brother and financially support him. Joyce refused. It was time for her brother to grow up and start helping himself.

One night the girlfriend calls Joyce and says David desperately needs help. He’s mentally ill, hears voices and believes bugs are crawling all over him on the inside. Joyce sends him to one of those Dream Centers that her ministry supports. They spend 30 days cleaning him up. They find even him a job. But David wants to be sent to a VA hospital where they will take care of him and he doesn’t have to do a thing for the rest of his life. The next time Joyce hears word of him, he’s dead. Died alone in some abandoned building. A homeless man finds his body 30 days later. Joyce doesn’t say what he died of. Could have been a mixture of neglect and substance abuse. They send Joyce his personal effects: a single manilla envelope. It contains his glasses, a dirty watch, some business cards and his ID badge from when he worked for Joyce’s ministry all those years ago. He was 57. By the time the devil got done with him, he had stark white hair and a long, scraggly beard. He looked 75 years old.

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17 thoughts on “Joyce Meyer’s Brother

  1. C says:

    I would LOVE to see/hear this sermon. I LOVE Joyce Meyer. Do you know what the title of the sermon was and when it was aired?
    Many Thanks!

    • Hi, I do not remember what was the title of this particular Joyce Meyer sermon. I think the best thing to do would be to visit her website and send them an email.

      The story of her brother and his life was very sad and tragic. Joyce’s life too was incredibly horrible. Her father was a monster. God has done an awesome work in her life and healing.

  2. K. Valentine says:

    Like the writer says it was one of Joyce’s show that touched me right where I live. I too had a family member that went the way of Joyce’s brother. Like Joyce I tried everything I knew how to do but to no avail. In the end my family member passed away from liver & kidney failure. I have wrestled with thoughts that maybe if I had done ‘one more thing’. I guess thats why they call it tough love. It is tough to walk away and stop enabling. It is true, I wanted it for her more than she wanted it for herself. Maybe her brain was so damaged she couldn’t make good choices any longer(?) For the first time since her death I had peace about my decisions. Thank you Joyce

    • Thanks for sharing. Sometimes, no matter how much help is offered they do not accept it or cannot seem to change their life around. In the case of Joyce Meyer’s brother, he did seem to get better for several years, but the addiction and illness was too much and eventually he succumbed to it. Joyce knew she did the right thing by letting him go and not being an enabler anymore. She gave it to God.

      It is interesting that I have never heard Joyce mention anything about her brother during the time they were growing up and she was being abused by the father several times a week for years.

  3. Kerry says:

    It’s on C3-creative church 2011 conference DVD. She spoke at one of the sessions.

  4. Kerry says:

    I’m just watching it now. The conference is called ExC3ed 2011.

  5. Kerry says:

    Search on google:- the power of one life Joyce Meyer

  6. Sam Evans says:

    I saw this yesterday and the part I could not believe is when Joyces brother actually said the he was “very disapointed in how she had treated him”. I’ve met and tried to help people like this. Luckly they were people I had ran into in my life and not a family member. Still some people are truly amazing. You can literally do everything for them and it’s never enough and they never change.

  7. Cathy says:

    She probably didn’t talk about him because it was too painful. I don’t think there’s anything more painful than watching someone you love slowly destroy themselves. Cathy

  8. Thank-you very much for what you shared. There are two people in my life like that. One a friend and one a family member. Both I gave my all to and pointing to God and it has sucked the life out of me and it still was not enough and no fruit has come of it. One I have cut myself off from just resently and the other (the family member) who has ripped up my soul because everything has to be all about her no matter what I have already done for her. I am yet to make that break from her. God is now in the process of healing me, bringing me scriptures early in the morning. I have put Him first again in my life. When you said you wanted it more for her(your family member) than she wanted it for herself, that rung true for me. It instantly helped me know I have done to the right thing, by having new boundries. God bless you, Christine

  9. sya says:

    My father was a monster too. 2 siblings ,1 happily married ,1 HIV + and hardly has any common sense left and iam…well, looking to settle down with boyfriend. Our father now? Dead. Our mother ? Never knew her.
    Honestly ? Can god get here already or even better kill me in my sleep.

    • sbnghumalo, Thanks for commenting and please hang in there. God does exist and He really does care. I am married to a survivor of rape and an alcoholic father who recently passed away. He found Jesus and so did my wife. Life can get better. I am praying for you that your wounds heal with time and the help of the Lord.

  10. Lauren says:

    I grew up in a verbally abuse house hold. My Father was the one who verbally abused us. My mother was silent. They are still married (over 50 years now). God does heal us! God DOES DO amazing things. Sometimes it can take years before God answers prayers. Sometimes God never answers our prayers. Eventually, we get a transfusion of hope, love and peace, by the blood of Jesus Christ. He can, and He does, change our circumstances. He can give us a divine transfusion of comfort, peace and love. BELIEVE that HE IS WITH YOU. God is here, with you and INSIDE of you. Forgiving and loving those who have hurt us deeply or hurt great pain in our life is the beginning of healing. It is also the beginning of connecting on a deeper level with the Lord. “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice” in our today. We cannot change our past. However, we can change our future with God’s help.

  11. Lauren says:

    Correction-Addendum to my original comment/post:
    “I grew up in a VERBALLY abusive house hold.”
    “FORGIVENESS and loving those who have us deeply or CAUSED great pain in our life……” (etc.) – Thank you

  12. TVN says:

    Do you think he is in heaven or has he lost his salvation ? Seemed like by the mercy of God he got help and had many opportunities to get right with God but chose his own way and yield to the devil in the end.

    • It really isn’t for any of us to judge whether a person is saved or not. That’s between them and God. However, I would like to believe that God knew Joyce’s brother was in very bad shape mentally and emotionally. Perhaps in God’s wisdom and mercy He has allowed this man to enter heaven.

      I once heard Jimmy Swaggart say concerning some Christians who have committed suicide, that God, knowing they were not in their right minds at the time, will not allow such tortured souls to lose their salvation.

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