Joyce Meyer”s Brother II

I have received a ton of replies to my previous article about Joyce Meyer and her brother David, that I felt a need to write a part two. When Joyce was sharing her testimony about herself and David, she was answering the old question of how is it that 2 siblings who were raised in the same home can turn out polar opposites. Her answer was  simply: CHOICES. David, sadly, took a completely different route and got into drugs and alcohol. Joyce, on the other hand, could have had a similar outcome based on the fact that she too was abused by the father. Having been sexually abused for years she could have ended up on the streets and turned to prostitution. She easily could have become promiscuous going from man to man to man. In fact, early in her adulthood she married a man who cheated on her countless times and made her steal for him. So what saved her? GOD. She chose GOD. She chose to obey God and give her life over to Him. Something David never did. Although David did eventually get saved and spirit filled, he seemed to always have one foot still in the world of which satan is the god of. The world is the devil’s playground. In the end, his past and the drugs won over God. It is never God’s will that we die an untimely death of drug overdoses or liquor poisoning. I believe that David was tormented not only by painful memories, but also by satan who seeks to destroy and kill. There is a spiritual warfare that every christian battles and if we do not put on the full armor of God we can succumb to the devils wiles and temptations. Not even the Apostles were exempt from demon oppression. Peter  had been an unwitting pawn of satan’s when he tried to keep Jesus from going to the cross and cutting off a soldier’s ear. On another occasion, Jesus had told Peter that satan wanted to sift Peter like wheat. But Jesus prevented it.

It is never God’s will that we end up penniless and on the streets. The Scriptures tells us in 1 John that God wants us to prosper and be in good health even as our soul prospers. The Bible also says that Christians are kings and priests. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places. We are not meant to be beggars. But it requires obedience and surrender to walk with God. Something David never managed to do.

I don’t think that Joyce places anyone’s worth as a human being based on how much possessions they have. Rather, she was showing how our CHOICES can affect what happens to us. David never found a way to move on with his life and overcome the traumas of his childhood. He lived his life a lonely drifter. He kept himself  so high on drugs in order not to feel anything anymore. His life ended on the floor of a filthy, empty building.

God can and does heal, but He gave us a free will. Something He will not violate.  David chose drugs. Joyce chose God.This is why I believe their lives turned out very differently.

David’s life was a real tragedy. An unnecessary one since he did find Jesus and asked for forgiveness. Is David in heaven? I certainly hope so.


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