Is Mormonism Old Testament?

Does Mormonism adhere to Old Testament principles? Crazy question? I don’t think so. Take for example the priesthood.Where in all of the New Testament do we read anything about a need for the priesthood today?  The apostle Peter mentions a royal priesthood made up of all true believers of Jesus Christ.

In the Old Testament the priesthood was for Israelites only. One had to be a levite . This means no non Jews. The majority of Mormons are gentiles although they won’t admit this. The office of high priest was given to Aaron and his sons. It was never mean for the church (the body of Christ) The high priest was  a foreshadowing of the coming Messiah. who would ultimately fulfill this office forever.  After Jesus died on the cross, the priesthood was rendered defunct and obsolete. It was inferior. Why? Because priests are men and men die, and need to be replaced over and over again. Only God the Son qualifies. So, its baffling as to why the Mormon church (not unlike the Roman Catholic Church), made this error by resurrecting a dead system.

Another example are Temples. The Mormon church has temples all over the place. Where did the apostles ever teach this? Where did the apostle Paul ever teach it? In God’s word we read that temples ceased when Jesus Christ ushered in a brand new Covenant. After his Crucifixion, the temple veil was torn in half from top to bottom, signifying the end of temple rituals. Acts 17:24 tells us that God does not dwell in temples built by hand.

Mormons also have a countless number of laws and ordinances that they must follow. Ask them exactly how many they have and you usually will not get an answer. This is reminiscent of Jews who gave themselves 613 laws which they must obey. Yet God never instituted nor requires this. In fact, Jesus said it places a yoke around people’s necks. Mormons again do not understand this dispensation of God’s grace. We are saved by grace and not of works. It is the gift of God. (Eph 2:8). If you work for a gift than it ceases to be a gift, but rather becomes something you earned. You can’t work for salvation. Mixing law with grace is wrong.

Seems the Mormon church has failed to understand that Jesus Christ finished the plan of salvation. He doesn’t need any help from man. His blood sacrifice was more than sufficient to pay for the sins of the world.


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