Is Mormonism Necessary?

Is Mormonism necessary? Did they really restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Did this Gospel ever become lost, and if so, when? The Mormon church’s very existence depends on whether or not there was ever a complete apostasy in the entire known world. The Gospel of Jesus Christ would have to have left the earth and plunged the world in darkness after the death of Jesus’ apostles. Did this actually happen?

According to the Holy Bible the answer is a resounding no! Over and over we read of God’s promise that His word shall endure forever. (Isaiah 40:8 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.) We read that God always had a faithful remnant throughout biblical history. In Matt. 16:18, Jesus Christ said that the gates of hell will never prevail against His church. Some faith groups have put their own spin on this,  but the bottom line is that Christ meant what He said. Satan cannot stop the church. What church?  The church which is made up of born again, regenerated believers in Jesus Christ and in the Word of God.

Even way back in the time of Elijah in 1Kings 19, where we read about how Elijah ran away from Jezebel and cried out to God that there was no one left who still believed in God. God responded that He left for Himself a faithful remnant of 7,000 men who refused to bow the knee to baal.

The Mormon church makes the claim that there was a complete apostasy after the death of Jesus’ apostles. Yet these apostles never did teach the New Covenant of grace. Their ministry was to the nation of Israel. They were slow to understand that grace had replaced law keeping. That salvation comes through the finished work of the cross. These truths were revealed to the apostle Paul, who spent 3 years with our risen Lord, whether in visions or face to face we do not know, but Christ revealed the mystery hidden throughout the ages of His Gospel, the death, burial and resurrection. It is only by Christ’s shed blood that we find forgiveness and by believing on Him we can have salvation.  Paul taught that law keeping had ended. Christ Himself took the laws and ordinances and nailed them to Calvary’s cross. The the plan of salvation is the same for  Jews as for  Gentiles. It is by faith alone in Christ alone. Salvation cannot come by being a member of a certain church. It is not found by obedience to church rules or performance of rituals.

Even during the Tribulation God will still have a faithful remnant. One third of the Jews will survive.  There will be 144,000 young Jewish men who will be preaching and witnessing to the multitude. Will these Jews be preaching the Mormon gospel? No, of course not. They will preach that Christ the Messiah is coming to establish His rule and reign, not in North America, but in Jerusalem.

In the Holy Scriptures, God reassures us that His word will endure forever. In fact, God views His word above His own name. He watches over it carefully to bring His promises to pass. (Psalms 138:2: “for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.”)

For these reasons and others, we see that a total apostasy is impossible. Sure there were apostasies in New Testament times, but the Bible tells us that  ‘some’ or ‘many’ had apostatized. Never does it say it was complete. God always has a faithful remnant. Therefore, the Mormon Church cannot justify its existence.


2 thoughts on “Is Mormonism Necessary?

  1. kaptonok says:

    I’m not a Mormon but I believe you are guilty of gross exaggeration.
    The Mormons still use the Bible they have added an additional book which they claim fills in historical gaps in American History.
    ‘Justify its existence’ this is absolute conceit every church can justify their existance. Break away groups from the Catholic church all had their own valid reasons.
    Once the Bible was available in English many groups sprang into existance because different men interpreted the Bible.
    Nearly all believers claim they are born again and regenerated who am I or you to deny their claim?

  2. I cannot tell from your comment if you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are, I would like to ask you if you believe that the Christian church should take a stand for the truth and weed out heretical teachers/teachings. Without the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures, we have no other way of determining Truth from falsehood . The apostle Paul always defended the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He stamped out false teachings. Stood up to false teachers. He said if anyone preaches a different gospel from the one that he, Paul, taught, then such a person is accursed. The Mormon gospel and many of its other teachings no where resembles what the New Testament teaches. Neither Jesus nor the 12 Apostles ever taught anything remotely resembling Mormonism. How is this restoring the gospel of Jesus Christ which the Mormon church claims to have done?

    The Mormon church does indeed have other books, but when these writings contradict what God has said in His Word, then they cannot be true. If a religion is going to make the claim that the Holy Bible has not been translated correctly, that its been corrupted by men over many years even though God Himself is the Author and tells us that His Word shall endure forever, then who is lying here, God or the Mormon church?

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