Dating A Jehovah’s Witness

It was the best year of my life when I met and dated a JW girl. We had a lot of fun, a  lot of laughs and what was by all appearances a loving, warm relationship. She was sweet, funny and really affectionate. For nearly the entire year she was in a wheelchair as the result of a car accident. One thing though was missing. As a Christian I had little time for God. I kind of forgot about Him. My JW girlfriend was pretty much my whole world. It wasn’t until much later that that I realized God would never bless our union. We were unequally yoked. She knew nothing about the free gift of salvation. Knew nothing of God’s grace. Nothing  of the redemption through the blood of Christ. The Truth was not in her. The Kingdom Hall where she attended church services, teaches that Jesus was merely the chief of the angels; the Archangel Michael. His death didn’t pay the penalty for sin, but brought back the possibility for perfection in the human life. We can be righteous on our own. The deity of Christ as the Creator of all things is completely denied and really doesn’t play much of a role anymore. My JW girlfriend and I were spiritually incompatible. If we talked about the things of God, she refused to use the Holy Bible. Her religion has its own “bible” as do the other religious cults. The founder of the JWs, Charles T. Russell and two of his friends were in  a basement with the Holy Bible and went through it verse by verse. If they disagreed with something, they merely made changes to it . Russell was offended by the Bible’s teaching on hell, that he changed it to eternal annihilation. In other words, all non JWs will cease to exist after death. They will only be in God’s memory. Try as I might to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to my JW girlfriend, it was all Greek to her. She said I was being weird.

When she healed from her injuries and began to walk again, she not only ditched the wheelchair, but she also ditched me. It was sudden, without warning. I didn’t even know what hit me. Were there signs she was losing interest? Personality change? I was so naive and clueless.I  was so blinded  by love I thought we were forever.  It wasn’t until much later that I learned from a mutual friend that she had gone back to a guy she had dated when we first met. He wasn’t a JW. He had no religious beliefs and was an alcoholic.

For months afterwards, I couldn’t eat or sleep. I sank into a deep depression. Trying to snap out of it, I called a JW lady who lived up the road from me. Soon they were coming to my house weekly for bible study. I wanted to know what the JWs actually believe. Somehow I thought it would help me to understand my ex girlfriend better. Maybe I just wanted to feel closer to her by spending time with “her people.” It didn’t work. Instead, I felt something important was missing. I felt empty. It didn’t take long to find out what it was. Jesus Christ was missing. They didn’t even talk about him. I felt so guilty because I have been a Christian for many years and knew better. I quickly repented.

It’s been 14 years since I last saw my old JW girlfriend. I still think about her from time to time and, yeah, sometimes I still miss her. But I also know the union could never work. She completely rejects the Savior that I love and put all my faith in. I still pray for her that God will open her spiritual eyes and her heart to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ before it is too late.


What About Islam?

Islam, along with Judaism and Christianity believe they are descendants of Abraham. In the Qur’an, the Muslim’s holy book, God calls upon people to “follow the religion of Abraham” ( Qu’ran 3:95)  Unlike Christians and Jews, Islam follows the ancestral line of Ishmael who is the forefather of the Arab race. They believe it was Ishmael,  not Isaac, who was the child  of promise to come from the loins Abraham. Because many years had passed after God made this promise, and still no child, Sarah herself was getting old and her womb dead, she began to have serious doubts. Even Abraham’s faith began to waver a bit. Like most Christians, especially today, Sarah couldn’t wait for God’s timing. She mistakenly thought she could help God speed things up by telling Abraham to sleep with  Hagar, the Egyptian slave woman. Out of that union the illegitimate Ishmael was born. The Holy Bible tells us he was not the son God had promised Abraham. His birth was a result of disobedience on the part of both Sarah and Abraham. Genesis 16 tells us that Ishmael would be a wild man-a wild-assed man like a donkey. His hand would be against every man and every man’s hand would be against him. The meaning being that Ishmael would be hot tempered and warlike.  Soon, Hagar and Ismael would be thrown out of their tent at Sarah’s insistence where they ended up wandering in the Desert of Beersheba.  Sarah, at nearly age 90,  did indeed become pregnant and bore a son to Abraham in his old age, (he was 100 years of age) at the very time God had promised him. Later, Isaac would go on to have a son, Jacob, who in turn had 12 sons that became the ancestors of the 12 tribes of Israel. God began to be known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Ishmael is not even mentioned.  Judaism then flourished and from the Jews came Christianity. So, where does Islam fit in?

Islam was founded back in the 7th century. This is very late in Christian and Judaism history.  Although Muhammad was not the founder of Islam, he did much to reform it.  The Quran,  considered to be the sacred text of the Muslims, contains Muhammad’s teachings which he claimed was revealed to him from Allah by the angel Gabriel. Yet, there many problems with this religion. First of all, its foundation is flawed. Although they do believe in some of the writings in the Holy Bible, they have other beliefs which completely contradict what God’s Word says. They say that the Torah, the first 5 books of the Jewish Scriptures and the Christian Bible, is so corrupted that the Qu’ran became necessary.


To be continued…….

Yes Donald, Mitt Is A Mormon

Recently, before a crowd of mostly Mormons in Utah, Donald Trump questioned whether Mit Romney was truly a Mormon.  I would like to answer Mr. Trump. Yes, Romney is most definitely Mormon. If Trump had done his homework or had someone from his campaign do some research on the history of Mormonism, he would have discovered that this ever growing faith group is not just another Protestant denomination. In fact, it isn’t even a branch of biblical Christianity. Mormonism has deviated so far from many of the Christian doctrines that it  clearly meets the definition of a religious cult. Mormons do not believe that the Holy Bible is totally reliable. They are hesitant to tell you their belief that the Scriptures are fraught with errors and incomplete. Their founder, Joseph Smith, wrote a book called: “The Book Of Mormon” which they say is another Testament of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is considered to be on par with the Holy Bible. It tells the story of how Jesus Christ visited North America not long after his crucifixion. It doesn’t take long for a Christian to see that this book actually teaches another gospel. The apostle Paul tells us there is only ONE Gospel of Jesus Christ. Any other is false and a curse.

Mormons do not believe in the biblical God of Christianity. The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The Mormon god was once human like us who progressed to godhood through faithful obedience. In fact, Mormons believe there are zillions of gods on other planets. They believe that our heavenly Father is married to heavenly mother and is also a polygamous. Mormons hope to someday become gods and goddesses themselves by obedience to a myriad  of laws and ordinances. If they remain faithful unto death, they could become gods of their own planets someday and also polygamous. Mormons are not ashamed to admit that their church believes God had sexual intercourse with Mary and that this union produced  the infant Jesus Christ. This is utter blasphemy!

When Mit Romney ran for president of the United States several years ago, Many Christians couldn’t help but wonder if he had won the nomination what book would he have used during his swearing in of office. My guess would be probably both the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon.

Oh Tender Elf

I used to like John Bradshaw. Years ago I would listen to him on PBS and thought he was great. I didn’t care what his beliefs were, he sounded real good. The way he explained what had happened to all of us as we grew up. I got goosebumps whenever he would say things like:  “I am flawed and defective as a human being. I am a mistake.  No one could love me as I am. I need something outside to be whole and OK.” Continue reading

Preachers And Androids

I was watching a man preach on TV this morning. He was reading the Scriptures from his Android. What happened to his Holy Bible? Why has he tossed it aside during church on Sunday? It was good enough for Christians for  thousands of years. To me, there’s just no comparison to flipping the pages of an aged worn Bible and looking at the highlighted verses and notes in the margins. There’s just something about holding the “Good Book” in your hands. I can hear people saying: “So what? What’s wrong with using a tablet? We are living in the information age. The age of advance technology.” Continue reading

Healing Your Inner Child

I remember watching John Bradshaw speak on PBS one Saturday afternoon back in 1993. Self-help gurus and books had been extremely popular for more than a decade. My mother had just passed away after having triple by-pass surgery and I had taken a lengthy leave of absence from my job. Bradshaw was talking about healing our wounded inner child. How 96% of families are dysfunctional. (he actually said 96. Not 95 or 97) And how it’s sometime necessary when we become adults to nurture and embrace the child we once were. To validate that little boy or girl because so often we had no one validating us when we were children. He told the people in the audience to close their eyes and imagine themselves when they were very young. Continue reading

Dr. Phil And T.D. Jakes

I just watched Dr. Phil on T.D. Jakes. Now in case you have never heard of T.D. Jakes, He’s a televangelist of the Oneness Pentecostal faith. He does not believe in the Trinity which is a central doctrine of Christianity. I don’t know what faith Dr. Phil adheres to, or even if he goes to church, You can google Dr. Phil. Type in what church he attends, or what faith does he belong to. You won’t get a clear answer. Continue reading