Yes Donald, Mitt Is A Mormon

Recently, before a crowd of mostly Mormons in Utah, Donald Trump questioned whether Mit Romney was truly a Mormon.  I would like to answer Mr. Trump. Yes, Romney is most definitely Mormon. If Trump had done his homework or had someone from his campaign do some research on the history of Mormonism, he would have discovered that this ever growing faith group is not just another Protestant denomination. In fact, it isn’t even a branch of biblical Christianity. Mormonism has deviated so far from many of the Christian doctrines that it  clearly meets the definition of a religious cult. Mormons do not believe that the Holy Bible is totally reliable. They are hesitant to tell you their belief that the Scriptures are fraught with errors and incomplete. Their founder, Joseph Smith, wrote a book called: “The Book Of Mormon” which they say is another Testament of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is considered to be on par with the Holy Bible. It tells the story of how Jesus Christ visited North America not long after his crucifixion. It doesn’t take long for a Christian to see that this book actually teaches another gospel. The apostle Paul tells us there is only ONE Gospel of Jesus Christ. Any other is false and a curse.

Mormons do not believe in the biblical God of Christianity. The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The Mormon god was once human like us who progressed to godhood through faithful obedience. In fact, Mormons believe there are zillions of gods on other planets. They believe that our heavenly Father is married to heavenly mother and is also a polygamous. Mormons hope to someday become gods and goddesses themselves by obedience to a myriad  of laws and ordinances. If they remain faithful unto death, they could become gods of their own planets someday and also polygamous. Mormons are not ashamed to admit that their church believes God had sexual intercourse with Mary and that this union produced  the infant Jesus Christ. This is utter blasphemy!

When Mit Romney ran for president of the United States several years ago, Many Christians couldn’t help but wonder if he had won the nomination what book would he have used during his swearing in of office. My guess would be probably both the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon.


Hypothetical Letter To Mitt Romney

Dear Mr, Romney,
As a registered voter, I need to be well informed and educated before I can make an intelligent choice. So I need to ask you about some very serious concerns that I have. You claim to be a Christian, yet you have failed to tell the American people about your religion. Mormonism teaches that there is more than one God which makes you polytheistic. In fact, your church believes there are zillions of gods on other planets and that through good deeds and obedience, you too may become a god in the next life and your wife could be a goddess who will spend eternity making spirit babies on a planet which you will rule. This is science fiction, Mr. Romney. Continue reading

Sister Missionaries

Two Sister Missionaries came to my door  about a week ago. These are young Mormon ladies who are on a mission to convert as many people to Mormonism as they can. They are always in pairs, share a rental unit, are given a car on loan by their church and a small monthly allowance for gas and stuff. They used to travel by bicycle but it has been deemed too unsafe. They happen to have my street as part of their territory. Sister Missionaries are not allowed to visit with a man unless his wife or another female is present. However, I have heard stories of Mormon elders visiting with lone females for at least 15 minutes and much longer. Continue reading