World’s Fastest Growing Religion?

It’s often that we hear someone proudly exclaim that they belong to the worlds fastest growing church/religion. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roman Catholics and Islamists tell us that everyday somewhere in the world someone is converted. Yet, the Scriptures tells us that God has never had a majority. In fact, Throughout all of biblical history God has only had a small faithful remnant. In the Old Testament, the prophet Elijah, running for his life from the wicked queen Jezebel, cried out to God saying no one was left who still believed in God. God said, not true, I have 7,000 who refused to bow the knee to baal. After the deaths of Jesus’ apostles Christianity was forced underground because it was declared illegal. Yet, God had a faithful pocket of true Christian believers everywhere. During the Tribulation after the anti christ desolates the Temple, there will be Jews fleeing for the mountains and caves to hide.The Book of Revelation tells us that only 1/3 of the nation of Israel will be spared. That’s quite a small remnant.

Since all these religious groups who claim to have millions of members across the globe and are ever growing all believe different things they can’t all be right. So how to do know which ones are false religions? There’s really only one criteria:  What do they believe about Jesus Christ?

Several years ago the former president/prophet of the Mormon church, Gordon Hinckley went on a talk show and made a statement that Mormons do not believe in the historical, biblical Christ. Since Mormons don’t believe in the Christ of the Holy Scriptures, they better flee for the hills because they are following a false christ. Mormons also believe that Jesus Christ is their brother and the brother of satan. That, like Heavenly Father, Jesus was once a man, human like us and through total obedience he somehow progressed to godhood. Yet, Christ himself said he is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. In other words, he eternally existed with God the Father. The Bible also teaches that Christ created all things. Since we humans are his creation how then can he be our brother? (Colossians 1:16)

Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t know what to do with Jesus either. From its inception they taught that Jesus was originally Michael the archangel who came to earth as the man Jesus, then went back t heaven as Michael again. In recent years they have changed their minds. They vaguely say that Jesus Christ elevated to a god, different from God the Father and inferior. Wow, that is totally unscriptural!

Muslims believe that Jesus was nothing more than a prophet like Muhammad. A good man but certainly not the Son of God. Anyone who believes that he is God’s Son is committing blasphemy according to Islam.

Roman Catholicism has downplayed the redeeming, sacrificial role of Jesus Christ on the cross. With their elaborate organization, hierarchy and oral traditions, Christ is all but buried. Instead they have elevated the role of Mary making her co-mediator with Jesus. Their priests claim to have the power to absolve sins. The pope is looked upon as God on earth. Whatever he says is considered Truth.Why do they even need a Savior then? Seems like they’re doing it all themselves. The same with Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons.

Fastest growing religion is NOT a criteria that the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being taught. In Matthew 7:13, 14 it reads: “Enter through the narrow gate, for the gate is wide  and the road broad that leads to destruction and many there be which go there at. Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leads unto life and few there be that find it.”

Only a small remnant will find eternal life with God.


A Very Bad Year

Years ago when I moved into my first apartment, a small studio in the rear of an old house, I met this man who lived next door with his wife. He was much older than her and semi retired, while she worked full time. He was a Beauty Pageant judge and traveled all over. Occasionally I would see him put a suitcase in his car and drive way. But mostly he stayed home working on a wooden boat that he had built himself from scratch. Not a toy, but a real life size boat. No kit, no blueprint, no instructions. Just an inventive, mechanical mind.  He spent hours  pounding and scraping with his back bent  and his muscular arm high in the air. This is my most vivid image of him. I Never heard the whirring of  a single power tool. He was a simple man who had faith in the dexterity of his own calloused hands and a few old-fashioned tools. He worked painstakingly slow  as if he had all the time in the world. It took him two months just to sand the wood smooth, using only  a small wooden  block  with sandpaper wrapped around.  He was usually alone, smoking his pipe and saying very little.  Everything he had went into that boat. Sometimes his concentration would be so fierce that he seldom heard me approach. I rarely ever saw his wife. When I did, it was always just a wave or a quick hello as she was rushing off somewhere. Continue reading

An Eccentric Atheist

I’d like to tell you about a gut named John. (not his real name) I mentioned him briefly in a previous post. He was a stubborn atheist. Maybe still is. Although he believes anything could have happened, including, Jesus, he doesn’t  believe in a Creator God. His view is that everything was an accident that occurred in outer space. Yet, he can’t explain who or what created outer space. His entire belief system leaves more questions than answers. He says there is no afterlife. We just cease to exist and he’s perfectly fine with that.  I have anonymously sent him gospel tracts through the mail in the hopes that he will find Jesus through them. He won’t read the Bible because  his eyes are bad. Church is something he avoids like the bubonic plague. He went once and it scared him so much  he rushed home and locked all the doors. Wouldn’t even answer his phone for a few days. There was one occasion when some Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped by. For some reason he let them in and proceeded to say some shocking things  They were so horrified that they left in a hurry and never came back. A sure-fire way to get rid of religious solicitors. But John also had a kind and generous heart. He’d reach out to help anybody. For a number of years he had been the most reliable friend I’ve ever known.  He visited me in jail once and brought a stack of magazines. After 20 minutes of awkward small talk, he said he wouldn’t be coming anymore, but he was still my buddy

John was always somewhat of an eccentric. Continue reading

A Few Good Friends

After I was released from jail, I had discovered that I lost friends. Even  people I knew from church. Those sweet older ladies who tried to find me nice single christian girls would no longer be willing to do so. I went to the library  to use the computer, since mine was still at a police lab. I had hundreds of emails to read. But I was more interested in seeing for myself what I had been sheltered from those 30 days I was locked up. I googled my name and there I was on page after page. I read  TV news clips, newspaper and magazine articles. blogger comments and the rantings of website owners who resorted to something akin to character assassination. As I continued to read, I was horror struck. Blood drained from my face and my knees grew weak. I was experiencing acute mental distress.  Many were unbelievably cruel things. I couldn’t read this stuff anymore and ran out of the library. Continue reading