World’s Fastest Growing Religion?

It’s often that we hear someone proudly exclaim that they belong to the worlds fastest growing church/religion. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roman Catholics and Islamists tell us that everyday somewhere in the world someone is converted. Yet, the Scriptures tells us that God has never had a majority. In fact, Throughout all of biblical history God has only had a small faithful remnant. In the Old Testament, the prophet Elijah, running for his life from the wicked queen Jezebel, cried out to God saying no one was left who still believed in God. God said, not true, I have 7,000 who refused to bow the knee to baal. After the deaths of Jesus’ apostles Christianity was forced underground because it was declared illegal. Yet, God had a faithful pocket of true Christian believers everywhere. During the Tribulation after the anti christ desolates the Temple, there will be Jews fleeing for the mountains and caves to hide.The Book of Revelation tells us that only 1/3 of the nation of Israel will be spared. That’s quite a small remnant.

Since all these religious groups who claim to have millions of members across the globe and are ever growing all believe different things they can’t all be right. So how to do know which ones are false religions? There’s really only one criteria:  What do they believe about Jesus Christ?

Several years ago the former president/prophet of the Mormon church, Gordon Hinckley went on a talk show and made a statement that Mormons do not believe in the historical, biblical Christ. Since Mormons don’t believe in the Christ of the Holy Scriptures, they better flee for the hills because they are following a false christ. Mormons also believe that Jesus Christ is their brother and the brother of satan. That, like Heavenly Father, Jesus was once a man, human like us and through total obedience he somehow progressed to godhood. Yet, Christ himself said he is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. In other words, he eternally existed with God the Father. The Bible also teaches that Christ created all things. Since we humans are his creation how then can he be our brother? (Colossians 1:16)

Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t know what to do with Jesus either. From its inception they taught that Jesus was originally Michael the archangel who came to earth as the man Jesus, then went back t heaven as Michael again. In recent years they have changed their minds. They vaguely say that Jesus Christ elevated to a god, different from God the Father and inferior. Wow, that is totally unscriptural!

Muslims believe that Jesus was nothing more than a prophet like Muhammad. A good man but certainly not the Son of God. Anyone who believes that he is God’s Son is committing blasphemy according to Islam.

Roman Catholicism has downplayed the redeeming, sacrificial role of Jesus Christ on the cross. With their elaborate organization, hierarchy and oral traditions, Christ is all but buried. Instead they have elevated the role of Mary making her co-mediator with Jesus. Their priests claim to have the power to absolve sins. The pope is looked upon as God on earth. Whatever he says is considered Truth.Why do they even need a Savior then? Seems like they’re doing it all themselves. The same with Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons.

Fastest growing religion is NOT a criteria that the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being taught. In Matthew 7:13, 14 it reads: “Enter through the narrow gate, for the gate is wide  and the road broad that leads to destruction and many there be which go there at. Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leads unto life and few there be that find it.”

Only a small remnant will find eternal life with God.


Is Mormonism Necessary?

Is Mormonism necessary? Did they really restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Did this Gospel ever become lost, and if so, when? The Mormon church’s very existence depends on whether or not there was ever a complete apostasy in the entire known world. The Gospel of Jesus Christ would have to have left the earth and plunged the world in darkness after the death of Jesus’ apostles. Did this actually happen?

According to the Holy Bible the answer is a resounding no! Over and over we read of God’s promise that His word shall endure forever. (Isaiah 40:8 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.) We read that God always had a faithful remnant throughout biblical history. In Matt. 16:18, Jesus Christ said that the gates of hell will never prevail against His church. Some faith groups have put their own spin on this,  but the bottom line is that Christ meant what He said. Satan cannot stop the church. What church?  The church which is made up of born again, regenerated believers in Jesus Christ and in the Word of God.

Even way back in the time of Elijah in 1Kings 19, where we read about how Elijah ran away from Jezebel and cried out to God that there was no one left who still believed in God. God responded that He left for Himself a faithful remnant of 7,000 men who refused to bow the knee to baal.

The Mormon church makes the claim that there was a complete apostasy after the death of Jesus’ apostles. Yet these apostles never did teach the New Covenant of grace. Their ministry was to the nation of Israel. They were slow to understand that grace had replaced law keeping. That salvation comes through the finished work of the cross. These truths were revealed to the apostle Paul, who spent 3 years with our risen Lord, whether in visions or face to face we do not know, but Christ revealed the mystery hidden throughout the ages of His Gospel, the death, burial and resurrection. It is only by Christ’s shed blood that we find forgiveness and by believing on Him we can have salvation.  Paul taught that law keeping had ended. Christ Himself took the laws and ordinances and nailed them to Calvary’s cross. The the plan of salvation is the same for  Jews as for  Gentiles. It is by faith alone in Christ alone. Salvation cannot come by being a member of a certain church. It is not found by obedience to church rules or performance of rituals.

Even during the Tribulation God will still have a faithful remnant. One third of the Jews will survive.  There will be 144,000 young Jewish men who will be preaching and witnessing to the multitude. Will these Jews be preaching the Mormon gospel? No, of course not. They will preach that Christ the Messiah is coming to establish His rule and reign, not in North America, but in Jerusalem.

In the Holy Scriptures, God reassures us that His word will endure forever. In fact, God views His word above His own name. He watches over it carefully to bring His promises to pass. (Psalms 138:2: “for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.”)

For these reasons and others, we see that a total apostasy is impossible. Sure there were apostasies in New Testament times, but the Bible tells us that  ‘some’ or ‘many’ had apostatized. Never does it say it was complete. God always has a faithful remnant. Therefore, the Mormon Church cannot justify its existence.

Is Mormonism Old Testament?

Does Mormonism adhere to Old Testament principles? Crazy question? I don’t think so. Take for example the priesthood.Where in all of the New Testament do we read anything about a need for the priesthood today?  The apostle Peter mentions a royal priesthood made up of all true believers of Jesus Christ.

In the Old Testament the priesthood was for Israelites only. One had to be a levite . This means no non Jews. The majority of Mormons are gentiles although they won’t admit this. The office of high priest was given to Aaron and his sons. It was never mean for the church (the body of Christ) The high priest was  a foreshadowing of the coming Messiah. who would ultimately fulfill this office forever.  After Jesus died on the cross, the priesthood was rendered defunct and obsolete. It was inferior. Why? Because priests are men and men die, and need to be replaced over and over again. Only God the Son qualifies. So, its baffling as to why the Mormon church (not unlike the Roman Catholic Church), made this error by resurrecting a dead system.

Another example are Temples. The Mormon church has temples all over the place. Where did the apostles ever teach this? Where did the apostle Paul ever teach it? In God’s word we read that temples ceased when Jesus Christ ushered in a brand new Covenant. After his Crucifixion, the temple veil was torn in half from top to bottom, signifying the end of temple rituals. Acts 17:24 tells us that God does not dwell in temples built by hand.

Mormons also have a countless number of laws and ordinances that they must follow. Ask them exactly how many they have and you usually will not get an answer. This is reminiscent of Jews who gave themselves 613 laws which they must obey. Yet God never instituted nor requires this. In fact, Jesus said it places a yoke around people’s necks. Mormons again do not understand this dispensation of God’s grace. We are saved by grace and not of works. It is the gift of God. (Eph 2:8). If you work for a gift than it ceases to be a gift, but rather becomes something you earned. You can’t work for salvation. Mixing law with grace is wrong.

Seems the Mormon church has failed to understand that Jesus Christ finished the plan of salvation. He doesn’t need any help from man. His blood sacrifice was more than sufficient to pay for the sins of the world.

Yes Donald, Mitt Is A Mormon

Recently, before a crowd of mostly Mormons in Utah, Donald Trump questioned whether Mit Romney was truly a Mormon.  I would like to answer Mr. Trump. Yes, Romney is most definitely Mormon. If Trump had done his homework or had someone from his campaign do some research on the history of Mormonism, he would have discovered that this ever growing faith group is not just another Protestant denomination. In fact, it isn’t even a branch of biblical Christianity. Mormonism has deviated so far from many of the Christian doctrines that it  clearly meets the definition of a religious cult. Mormons do not believe that the Holy Bible is totally reliable. They are hesitant to tell you their belief that the Scriptures are fraught with errors and incomplete. Their founder, Joseph Smith, wrote a book called: “The Book Of Mormon” which they say is another Testament of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is considered to be on par with the Holy Bible. It tells the story of how Jesus Christ visited North America not long after his crucifixion. It doesn’t take long for a Christian to see that this book actually teaches another gospel. The apostle Paul tells us there is only ONE Gospel of Jesus Christ. Any other is false and a curse.

Mormons do not believe in the biblical God of Christianity. The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The Mormon god was once human like us who progressed to godhood through faithful obedience. In fact, Mormons believe there are zillions of gods on other planets. They believe that our heavenly Father is married to heavenly mother and is also a polygamous. Mormons hope to someday become gods and goddesses themselves by obedience to a myriad  of laws and ordinances. If they remain faithful unto death, they could become gods of their own planets someday and also polygamous. Mormons are not ashamed to admit that their church believes God had sexual intercourse with Mary and that this union produced  the infant Jesus Christ. This is utter blasphemy!

When Mit Romney ran for president of the United States several years ago, Many Christians couldn’t help but wonder if he had won the nomination what book would he have used during his swearing in of office. My guess would be probably both the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon.

Sister Missionaries

Two Sister Missionaries came to my door  about a week ago. These are young Mormon ladies who are on a mission to convert as many people to Mormonism as they can. They are always in pairs, share a rental unit, are given a car on loan by their church and a small monthly allowance for gas and stuff. They used to travel by bicycle but it has been deemed too unsafe. They happen to have my street as part of their territory. Sister Missionaries are not allowed to visit with a man unless his wife or another female is present. However, I have heard stories of Mormon elders visiting with lone females for at least 15 minutes and much longer. Continue reading